DigiQ: The pit temperature is going higher than my desired setpoint.

Inspect the cooker to ensure it is sealed tightly at the firebox and there are no spots allowing air to come in and contact the fire.

Enable the Open Lid Detection feature. This allows the control to detect when the lid or door is opened and the temperature drops. If the feature is turned off, the control will detect that the pit temperature is dropping on its own accord and will run the fan while the lid or door is open, causing the pit temperature to spike.

If the fan is running constantly, unplug the control and plug it back in to reboot the device. The fan may then run normally. If it does not, there may be a bad relay in the control as a result of a short in the fan. Check the fan wires for any cuts or nicks. Click here for warranty/return information.

Most importantly make sure you aren't over-lighting your fire from the beginning. Start a small fire and let your BBQ Guru control bring it up to temperature. If you get too much charcoal or wood lit from the beginning, the fire will be too hot for the BBQ Guru control to be able to do anything but wait for the temperature to drop on its own. Typically with kamado style cookers, you will be at their mercy since they are so efficient and hold heat very well. 

For tips and tricks, visit our beginner's fire guide.

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