What is a BBQ Guru Temperature Control?

A BBQ Guru temperature control maintains the cooking temperature of your cooker and one or more food temperatures depending on the model. BBQ experts know that controlling the temperature of your cooker is key to great BBQ and that's exactly what our products do for you. Without our control, you could be undercooking or overcooking your food, and may not be able to get that great balance of tender and juicy BBQ.

Before we invented this technology, it typically took a lot of experience and guesswork to try to achieve the perfect BBQ temperature by constantly adjusting the dampers on your cooker. But now our high-tech controls make it easy to obtain the ideal temperature for cooking great BBQ.

How They Work - the science behind how our units work

Compare Controls - multiple controls with different features and capabilities - find the right one for you

Which Control Kit Do I Need? - We'll point you in the right direction

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