CyberQ Cloud Manual Quickstart Setup Guide

Click here to view the PDF of the CyberQ Cloud Quickstart Setup Guide.

Manual Set Up

 Monitor and Control your Cook Directly on CyberQ Cloud 

1) When CyberQ Cloud powers up, the LCD panel will display the cook and food temperatures as well as the fan output and timer

2)Using the arrow buttons on the CyberQ Cloud, navigate through the display options.

3) To set a desired target temperature, navigate to the desired probe, and press the ENTER button.

4)Use the LEFT and RIGHT keys to select the digit to be modified and adjust the values using the UP and DOWN keys. Then press the ENTER button.

HotSpot Setup

Use this mode to have your Wi-Fi enabled devices connect directly to the CyberQ Cloud.

1)Using a Wi-Fi enabled phone, tablet, or desktop, go to its Wi-Fi Settings and select HS-MY_CYBERQ_#### (or the custom name you have assigned). If prompted, enter the default password: 1234abcdef. Once connected, the CyberQ Cloud will briefly display HOT-SPOT PAIRED! 

2)Using the device you used to connect with Wi-Fi, open a web browser window and type in the address bar to load the internal CyberQ Cloud System web pages. 

3) From these internal pages you can customize and configure your device.

*Note: HotSpot Mode will only work within the range of Wi-Fi built in the control, which is 500 feet direct line of sight.

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