PartyQ Display, Keys, and Power Switch

The Display, Keys and Power Switch

UP – Indexes the setpoint up. DOWN – Indexes the setpoint down UP & DOWN blobid0.png– Enters the setup menu when both are held down.

Blower/Temperature LED

As you gain experience cooking with your PartyQ, you will learn to rely on the Blower LED to tell you how it’s controlling. When all is going well and there is plenty of charcoal in the cooker, the blower will just gently puff the fire (feeding it little bursts of oxygen). When you start to run out of charcoal you may notice the blower running almost all of the time.

Over/Under Range Temperatures

If the temperature goes below 32 degrees or above 475 degrees on the pit temperature probe (or the probe fails), the display will show blobid2.png

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