The Shotgun BBQ Smoker can be used with the supplied water pan for indirect, moist heat and drip pan for indirect, dry heat. The Shotgun BBQ Smoker can also be used to cook direct for grilling or roasting.

Water Pan: When using the stainless steel water pan, always keep water in the pan to avoid scorching and warping the pan. For easy clean-up, place a 2” deep disposable aluminum pan in the stainless pan and fill with hot water. When finished cooking, dispose of the aluminum pan. It is recommended to keep the Shotgun BBQ Smoker under 300°F while cooking with water.

Direct Cooking: By removing the supplied stainless steel water pan, cook direct over the charcoal.

Note: The BBQ Guru control system is designed for use under 475°F and the Shotgun BBQ Smoker is designed for use under up to 400°F. Taking the Shotgun BBQ Smoker to temperatures higher than recommended may result in a warped firebox. If this occurs, it will not be covered under the limited warranty

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