DynaQ: Premium Dishwasher-Safe Probes

Premium Probes 

The probes provided with your DynaQ are precision stainless steel thermocouples. The thermocouple wires have an armor braid braid with moisture and smoke resistant Teflon insulation that is rated for steady-state temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Do not kink the wires or let them come in contact with direct flame. They can be hand-washed or placed in a dishwasher for cleaning. The probes are user-replaceable and are available at bbqguru.com. Keep a spare set for unforeseen emergency situations.

Important Note: Be sure to fully insert your probes into the control. Push the plug into the receptacle until you feel and hear it snap in place. If you do not plug the probes in securely, there may be erratic temperature readings and the DynaQ will not control temperature accurately. The temperature could also read low, causing the pit to get excessively hot.

Important Note: Each probe jack has an LED indicator light above it. If a probe is securely plugged into the jack while the DynaQ is powered on but the LED does not illuminate, this indicates that the probe is damaged or broken and is not reading temperature properly.

Important Note: The pit probe must be placed inside of the pit at the cooking area for proper temperature regulation. If the pit probe is not located in the pit, proper control will not take place. This can cause the fan to run constantly, causing the pit to become excessively hot.

Important Note: Some ceramic grills present a special-case situation that can lead to early probe failure. 

If using a heat diffuser, run the probe cables over one of the ceramic legs. The heat coming up through the gaps is intense and focused, and if the cable is exposed to this heat, it begins to break down much more quickly than usual. 

Any heat or flame event inside the pit can send a blast of heat – even flames – up the inside of the pit, sometimes ruining a probe instantly. With proper care, the probe has a 2 to 3 year life expectancy.


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