UltraQ Connecting to Bluetooth

Follow the instructions below to connect your UltraQ to Bluetooth using the BBQ Guru App. 

Step 1: Download the BBQ Guru App onto your mobile device.

Apple App Store

Android App Store

Step 2: Turn Bluetooth ON on your mobile device.

Step 3: Open the app and follow the prompts on the screen to connect to Bluetooth. 

Note: You must connect your UltraQ to Bluetooth through the App, NOT through your mobile device's settings

If a pop-up asks if you would like to use Bluetooth, click “OK”. Then click “Continue to Device Connection”. On the next screen click "Connect Controller" and wait for the app to search for your controller.

Let_s_Get_Grilling.png      Pair_Your_Controller.png

Step 4: Once you see your controller name in the box, click on it and allow for the App to sync.

Searching_for_Controller.png      Syncing_Controller.png

Note: If this is the first time you are powering on your UltraQ, it will perform a mandatory firmware update. This will take a few minutes.


Step 5: Give your controller a unique name (do not use any special characters) and then click "Start Grilling". 



If an error occurs during pairing, a notification will be displayed within the app. Check the settings on your mobile device to ensure that Bluetooth is turned ON and then click try again.


When the UltraQ is NOT connected to a mobile device, the blue connectivity LED indicator light on the control will blink slowly.


Once your mobile device is paired successfully with the UltraQ, the Bluetooth LED indicator light on the UltraQ will glow solid blue. 


Once the app is connected to Bluetooth, the app's main screen will appear. For here you can change the pit temperature, food done temperatures, set alarms, access the help center, and more.

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