Why does the food temperature read ”- - -” on my DigiQ DX3?

If the food temperature probe reads as “- - -”, this typically means that there is a problem with the food probe. 

Make sure the probe is firmly pushed all the way into the food jack. Insert the food probe into the pit jack. If the pit jack reads the food probe as “- - -” also, then it is most likely that your probe is bad.

If the temperature is displayed correctly with the food probe plugged into the pit jack, then it is most likely that there is a problem with the control unit itself. Do not try to self-service any part of your BBQ Guru equipment. Click here for warranty/return information.

If the wire of the probe has small, hard, reddish bumps on the outside of the mesh, the food probe has been melted by direct flame or exposure to high temperatures. You will need to purchase a replacement probe here.

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