What BBQ Guru control model should I get?

We currently offer 3 controls: DigiQ DX3, DynaQ and UltraQ.

DigiQ DX3 – As the latest rendition of our flagship control, the DigiQ DX3 will regulate your cooker to your desired cooking temperature and will monitor one food temperature. It features a bright red LED display, Open Lid, Ramp Mode, audible alarms and can be used in °F or °C.  It has three preprogrammed versions of the algorithm that we call Smart Cook, so you can choose the best for your particular smoker.

DynaQ – This control has all of the same features as the DigiQ DX3, except that it doesn’t have a display because you will see and control all of your settings via Bluetooth from the BBQ Guru application available for both Apple and Android devices. It also includes a countdown cooking timer and a Status Light Ring so you will always know if you’re at, below or over your desired cooking temperature based on the color and action of its LEDs.

UltraQ – Welcome to the latest, greatest, most advanced BBQ temperature control! The UltraQ will regulate your cooker’s temperature to your desired setpoint as well as monitor the internal temperature of up to 3 foods. It includes all of the same features of the DynaQ plus its own unique capabilities. The red LED screen can scroll through all of your temperatures and you’ll know which temperature you’re looking at from built in visual indicators. Best of all, it integrates with the BBQ Guru application via Bluetooth AND Wi-Fi so you can see or change any setting while you run some errands, set up a party or even just go to your friends house to brag about your BBQ.

Start here to compare the controls and pick the one that is best for you.

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