How do the BBQ Guru controls work?

Low, Slow & Steady!

The best BBQ is tender, juicy and delicious. Achieving that kind of perfection is only possible when you can precisely control your cooking time and temperature. From beginners to the most seasoned BBQ pitmasters, these two factors remain the biggest challenges in outdoor cooking.

When you master cooking at precise, even temperatures over a set period of time, the tough, chewy protein fibers in meat called collagen transform into the tender, tantalizing and amazingly delectable BBQ we all crave.

The problem is that trying to control temperature with most cookers is very difficult. Here’s an example of unmanaged temperature fluctuations during a typical cook.


It’s nearly impossible to cook great BBQ with those kinds of unstable temperature swings. Because of this many frustrated people end up with tough, dried out meat that no one enjoys.

That’s why the minds at BBQ Guru invented a revolutionary line of high-tech devices that provide  automated precision of oven-like temperature control and food temperature tracking that, until now, has never before been possible in outdoor cooking.

Simply attach your Guru control to your cooker, set your desired temperature, and almost like magic, it consistently maintains your target temperature so that in no time, you will be making the best BBQ you ever have for your family and friends.


Using a high precision digital thermometer, Guru controls create the desired temperature inside your grill and continuously monitor temperature fluctuations throughout your cook. The power draft fan system uses a variable flow rate to fine-tune the amount of oxygen inside your grill, controlling the fire's heat, helping you to maintain the perfect temperature and achieve better tasting BBQ.


Controlled Air Flow for Precise Temperature



Guru controls start with a high precision digital thermometer placed inside the cooker. It sends these readings back to the main control unit that measures temperature fluctuations. It then regulates a fan system that feeds just the right amount of oxygen into the cooker. This increases or decreases the intensity of your charcoal’s heat to create your perfect temperature.

BBQ DigiQ with Weber Smoker


Whether you’re just thinking of starting the hobby of BBQ or you’re a pro pitmaster, the cutting edge technology from BBQ Guru’s controls makes great outdoor cooking easier than ever before.

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