Remove all food products from the Shotgun BBQ Smoker. Set the damper on the draft fan to fully closed or remove the draft fan and replace it with a kill plug or draft regulator plug. Close all of the dampers. The fire should die within 30 to 45 minutes. To accelerate this process, spray the charcoal with water or remove the charcoal from the firebox and place in a fireproof container and fully extinguish with water. Never leave lit charcoal unattended. 

WARNING: Always empty the firebox before transporting the smoker.

CAUTION: If transporting charcoal that has been extinguished, put it in a covered and sealed metal container other than the firebox, even though it might be wet. Never leave this unattended with hot coals in the cooker. Place the coals in a fire proof container and make sure the coals are out before discarding.

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