RIBS: Smoke ribs at 275°F for approximately 6 hours with a water pan or indirect heat. Use one or two chunks of smoke wood for 4 to 8 racks of ribs. Wrap ribs in foil with a liquid after 4 hours and cook for the next 2 hours or until tender. If using a cooking rack in the top position, keep in mind that it is slightly hotter than the rest of the shelf positions and food will get done faster in this area of the cooker.

PORK SHOULDER/BRISKET: Pork shoulders, butts, picnics, and beef briskets can be cooked the same way. Cook these at any temperature from 225°F to 325°F depending on the time available and strategy being used. If using a temperature of 275°F, cook with a water pan and a few big chunks of smoke wood (Hickory, Pecan, Cherry, etc.). These cuts of meat are usually large and can take much more smoke than ribs and chicken. Cook on the rack for about 5 hours or until the internal meat temperature reaches 165-175°F and then wrap in heavy duty foil with a marinade. Cook for another 3-5 hours or until tender. Let the meat rest in its foil in a cooler or Cambro for 2-3 hours before serving.

CHICKEN: Chicken can be cooked in many different ways on the Shotgun BBQ Smoker. Direct, indirect, Water is not necessary when cooking poultry. White meat should be taken to 160°F for moist results, wings can be taken to 190°F and thighs/legs can be taken to 180-190°F.

PORK LOINS/BEEF ROAST: Lean cuts of pork and beef can be cooked at higher temperatures direct. Pork loin is best if taken to 140-145°F internal temperature and rested.

JERKY: Set the control for 150°F and place about 2 pounds of charcoal into the firebox. Light a few coals at the top of the charcoal pile. Place a handful of wood chips onto the charcoal pile. Barely open the fan damper and open the exhaust damper 1/8”.

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