5-in-1 Magnetic Control Assembly

The DynaQ should be placed in a stable position in its stand. The control can be rotated to face any direction and can sit at any desired angle by tightening the mount knob.

Its built-in magnet allows for versatile mounting. The control must be protected from the elements and special precaution must be taken to care for the control as with any other electronic device.

Step 1: Attach the lower stand platform to the upper control bracket using the included hex bolt and thumb nut. 

Step 2: From the underside of the lower stand platform, press the rubber feet into the holes to prevent the stand from sliding. 

Step 3: Snap the control onto the upper control bracket facing any direction. 

Step 4: Tilt the upper control bracket to the desired angle and tighten the thumb nut on the hex bolt to keep the bracket in the selected position.


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